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Rice Lake Lake Protection District

The Mission of the Rice Lake, Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District is to represent and protect the interests of the residents and property owners of the Town and City of Rice Lake. To this end, the Rice Lake, Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District seeks to protect the ecology of the lake, enhance the natural scenic beauty, control invasive species, and promote responsible boating, swimming, fishing, and recreational opportunities that beautiful Rice Lake offers all residents and visitors to our shores.

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Can I come to meetings?
Yes, the public is welcome to all our meetings. General meetings take place the third Wednesday of every month at the United Presbyterian Church on 20 W Messenger Street Rice Lake, WI 54868. Our annual meeting is on the third Wednesday of October every year (location varies). At this meeting we provide refreshments and discuss upcoming projects and the new budget. We’d love to hear your thoughts! (Keep in mind no action can be taken at the meeting, but items can be added to the next agenda for future discussion.)
How do I report a violation on the lake?
If you have seen someone violating lake regulations, please report it to 1-800-TIP-WDNR.
Can I volunteer?
Yes! We are always looking for volunteers to help with various clean ups, invasive species removal, help with events, etc. Contact our Lake Coordinator if you are interested or check our Facebook page where we post our volunteer opportunities.