Management Plans

The Rice Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District is charged with managing the health and quality of Rice Lake. Through about 2010, most of the District’s efforts were focused on weed harvesting. Many areas of Rice Lake are relatively shallow and would be impaired by curly-leaf pondweed, an exotic invasive plant that can cause nuisance navigation issues through the 4th of July and degrade a more desirable aquatic plant community and water quality if left unmanaged. Managing of curly-leaf pondweed and other nuisance level aquatic plants through the combined use of harvesting and aquatic herbicides is still a big part of what the District does, but their focus has expanded to include maintaining and/or improving water quality, shoreland quality, watershed health, and high quality recreational use. All the actions the District is involved with are guided by goals and objectives found in an Aquatic Plant Management Plan and a Comprehensive Lake Management Plan prepared on behalf of the District by a consultant and approved both by the District constituency and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Both of these plans are available for public viewing. Click on the titles to view them.

2015-2019 Aquatic Plant Management Plan – Goals

  • Goal 1 - Reduce the total amount of Curly-leaf Pondweed in Rice Lake by combining the use aquatic herbicides and large-scale mechanical harvesting.
  • Goal 2 - Prevent the spread and establishment of aquatic invasive species already present along the shores of and in the wetlands adjacent to Rice Lake.
  • Goal 3 - Eurasian watermilfoil rapid response planning.
  • Goal 4 - Provide native aquatic plant management that protects and enhances native plant growth and diversity in Rice Lake.
  • Goal 5 - Complete appropriate record keeping, monitoring, and assessment for all aquatic plant management activities.
  • Goal 6 - Maintain public accessibility to District actions and availability of District decision makers to the general public.
  • Goal 7 - Continue development of a residential and riparian owner Best Management Practices (BMP) program.
  • Goal 8 - Increase public awareness of and involvement in the District by improving public outreach, exposure, and image and provide greater land owner and lake user education.
  • Goal 9 - Implement the activities associated with this APM Plan through a combination of District and State of Wisconsin grant funding.
  • Goal 10 - Complete annual project summaries and a final project evaluation.

2015-2019 Comprehensive Lake Management Plan - Goals

  • Goal 1 - Decrease the phosphorous and sediment load to the lake from the watershed.
  • Goal 2 - Decrease internal phosphorus load to the lake.
  • Goal 3 - Promote sustainable and multi-use recreational opportunities.
  • Goal 4 - Manage and improve the fishery and wildlife habitat.
  • Goal 5 - Continue implementing the management activities of the Aquatic Plant Management Plan.
  • Goal 6 - Support activities of other management and stewardship groups in the Rice Lake Watershed.
  • Goal 7- Implement, update and maintain this management plan.

Components of Management Plans

  • Identification of problems and threats
  • Description of historical control actions
  • Characterization of the aquatic ecosystem
  • Assessment of fisheries, wildlife, and aquatic plants
  • Identification of protection and/or enhancement needs for natural resources
  • Definition of management objectives
  • Identification of target levels for aquatic plant control
  • Identification of target levels for water quality
  • Identification of possible management alternatives
  • Feasibility factors for all possible management alternatives
  • Management recommendations based on feasibility, need, and benefits
  • Definition of potential adverse impacts
  • Development of a prevention and rapid response plan for new or future Aquatic Invasive Species
  • Monitoring and evaluation recommendations for current and long-term management activities

Also available for public viewing are the Goals, Objectives, and Actions for both the Aquatic Plant Management Plan and the Comprehensive Lake Management Plan. Click on the titles below to view them.

Aquatic Plant Management Plan Objectives and Actions

Comprehensive Lake Management Plan Objectives and Actions

2020-2025 Managment Plans