Clean Boats Clean Waters

The Clean Boats Clean Waters program was designed to educate the local community, especially boaters, about the dangers of invasive plants and animals.  The program’s main focus is to help prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species.

Although Clean Boats Clean Waters is a Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources program sponsored by the Rice Lake, Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District, this program could not succeed without VOLUNTEERS. Your willingness to inspect your watercraft when arriving and/or departing Rice Lake public landings will help prevent aquatic invasive species.

By working together, we can preserve Rice Lake for future generations to enjoy.

Understanding Invasive Species

Wisconsin Statute Section 23.22 (1) (c) officially defines invasive species as "nonindigenous species whose introduction causes or is likely to cause economic or environmental harm or harm to human health."

Humans move organisms around all the time. Sometimes when we bring a non-native species into a new area the species will take over and spread rapidly and widely throughout the area. When this happens, the spread can cause major harm to the native ecosystem or humans. When non-native plants, animals, or pathogens rapidly takes over a new location and alter the ecosystem, we consider them invasive species.


Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS)

Whether they come in ballast water, on the hulls of recreation boats or from the water of an angler’s bait bucket, many non-native species such as zebra mussels and Eurasian water milfoil have found their way into Wisconsin’s waterways. Their presence can cause severe damage to local ecosystems, industry and tourism. However, the Wisconsin DNR is part of a strong partnership of public and private stakeholders in Wisconsin committed to an effective strategy of prevention, containment and control. The more you know about these invaders, the more you can do to help stop the spread to Wisconsin's precious waters.


  • INSPECT your boat, trailer, and equipment.
  • REMOVE any attached aquatic plants or animals (before launching, after loading, and before transporting on a public highway)
  • DRAIN all water from boats, motors and all equipment
  • NEVER MOVE live fish away from a waterbody.
  • DISPOSE of unwanted bait in the trash.
  • BUY minnows from a Wisconsin bait dealer.