Native Gardens

Native Plants

  • Native plants have naturally evolved in North America.
  • They grew here before humans introduced new plants that eventually took over.
  • Because they have evolved here they grow the best in our soil and climate
  • Native plants help to remove pollutants from storm water, and their roots help stabilized the soil.
So Why Plant With Native Plants?

Native Plants Save Energy

  • Low maintenance
  • Require little to no irrigation or fertilization
  • They are resistant to many pests and diseases

Native Plants Stay Put

  • Because native plants have evolved in this climate the other plants and organisms, help to keep them in check.
  • Native species rarely become invasive

Native Plants make for a Interesting Garden

  • The diversity for native plants is high; they range in size, shapes, and colors.
  • Many native plants have been used throughout history.

Native Gardens Benefit Everyone

  • They add an appealing look to an home or neighborhood
  • Native gardens attract many species of birds and butterflies, along with many interesting insects.

Planting Your Native Garden

  1. Take a look at your site. Ask yourself: What do you have? What do you want to do with it? Are they the right native plants?
  2. Design your garden. Hire help to design your garden or do it yourself
  3. Prepare your site. Cover the grass with organic soil; then cover with dead leaves to create a rich soil.
  4. Planting. Pick plants that work well in your region. Plants often come as seeds or in plugs.
  5. Maintain your garden. Make sure to water your new plants and keep your garden weeded. Other then these few steps your garden will be low maintenance!