Why All the Weeds?

Some years there seems to be more aquatic vegetation present in the water than others. This year is one of those years. Why is that? This winter, ice cover that measured less than a foot and a lack of snow caused by unseasonably warm temperatures provided ideal conditions for aquatic plant growth. The lack of snow and early ice out enabled the energy from the sun to penetrate deep into the lake much earlier than normal helping the aquatic plants grow and thrive for a longer period of time.

The Rice Lake, Lake Protection District has a full Operations staff running three aquatic vegetation harvesters this season. The harvesters are running overtime to keep up with the high amount of plant growth this year. They are currently removing four dump truck loads (25 tons) of vegetation per day. The staff has already removed more vegetation in the last few weeks than the total vegetation removed last year.

The Rice Lake, Lake Protection District is working diligently to keep the navigation lanes clear for lake users to continue to enjoy the lake. To help out, keep your boats and props clear of vegetation to stop the spread of any plants, especially invasive species.